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Islam and Muhammad: Sharing Some Information on ‘The Qur’aan’

December 19, 2010
Article Title: Islam and Muhammad: Sharing Some Information on ‘The Qur’aan’
Submitted by: Craig Lock
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“Muslims and Christians both worship one God. In fact, they have much in

“Those of us who long for (and are passionate about) the ideals of moderation and religious tolerance will continue to hope for a better understanding of complex issues between people of different cultures and faiths through reasoned and ‘informed’ dialogue in a spirit of mutual tolerance and respect.”

– Dr Robert Winston


Craig is studying the teachings of different religions (to attempt to find more common ground, than what we probably perceive), as he researches and writes his latest novel ‘A New Dawn’, set in the tinder-box, that is Middle East today: To attempt to find ‘common ground’/principles between different religions and cultures. And as he learns from his research, is sharing these notes in an attempt to ‘enlighten’ (himself and perhaps others) about different religious faiths. My motive, my aim in sharing this article is to try to contribute in some small way to a better understanding in the West of the Islamic world.

These are some notes (in point form) that I’ve taken from an interesting book.‘ The Holy Qur’aan’ by Muhammad Abdul Haleem Eliasi (and English translation by Mohammed Marmaduke Pickthall) (My copy of the Qur’aan was published by Idara Isha’at-E-Diniyat (P( Ltd in New DelhiI

It was “lent”* to my by my good friend Lindsay, “the Prophet”.

* that’s yet another story, which may perhaps be told…one day!

I hope, I trust that these notes may stimulate discussion about the Qur’aan and Islam (in a spirit of tolerance with mutual respect) and may even challenge you (and perhaps even your deepest-held beliefs)… as it does mine in my research and study of different religions. Just to let you know that I am a “thinking” follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ (open-minded hopefully!) and my aim is not to attempt to disturb your faith in any way, but merely to think deeply about these central issues and discuss various viewpoints with tolerance (no cutting of my head or other sensitive parts of my anatomy, please extremists!)


Islam is the message of the Qur’aan

and it’s philosophy touches on the widest spectrum of life. The values of compassion, mercy and justice are fundamental to Islam. Islam is based on knowledge + action, to know the Supreme Being and His Laws. It involves the integration of thought and action. Also intuition + inspiration.


or self-thinking is highly commended, even urged by the Qur’aan. Ignorance is the source of all pain and misery according to ‘Fikr’.


is the purest form of knowledge.

He is with you, wherever you may be: and Allah sees what you do.”

“If you love Allah and follow me, Allah will love you…and forgive your sins (faults).”


The whole universe is based upon truth and there is purpose behind it everywhere.

Our fears and hopes should be centred in the Supreme Being to keep us steady and well-balanced in the temptations of this world, and to encourage us to be benevolent (Vide 85:7,56:7)



“Fight in the name of Allah, with those that fight with you, and do not exceed the limits…drive them out from where they drove you out.”


(Vide 190-193:2, 8:60)

In social relations, Islam is for amicability, charity and forgiveness. (However, only Allah can forgive our sins). Islam persuades man to be generous and forgiving, exercizing full control and keeping revenge within proper limits.

GIFTS AND CHARITY: Islam is a religion of beneficiance… which begins at home.. Give donations to the poor and the needy, without any regard to religion or creed (Vide 215,273,272:2)

Islam calls upon man to make his life worth living well. Islam is openly opposed to the regime of capitalism. So it forbids usury and dis-favours interest. However, Islam fully permits business partnerships and approves profits.

“”he Grace is from Allah, and Sufficient is Allah as the Knower.”


So the first and last truth of Islam is:

There is no God, but Allah. Muhammad is the Apostle of Allah.


True relationship with God cannot be obtained without ‘Risaalat’ (the Belief in the Apostleship of Muhammad and His Love and Obedience).


Muhammad is the Final Prophet.

However, no special sign marked his birth, which was to change the course of history. Muhammad radiated all that was noblest in human nature: courage, unfailing courtesy and gentleness. His life was characterised by a continual search for truth, inner illumination and enlightenment. Muhammad was a mortal man (like you and I); but he was a Messenger of God. What is vital is to emulate the example of Muhammad, which basically is this: if faith in God and human effort move in unison, Man’s progress can be limitless.


Jesus Christ is also called ‘kalima’ (or the “Word”) in the Qur’aan.


“”And about the ninth hour, Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying ’Eli, Eli Iama sabachthani?’, that is, ‘’My God, My God Why hast thou forsaken me?’ And Jesus cried out again with a loud voice, and yielded up His spirit.”


(Matthew 27:45-50 NIV)

But the Qur’aan says that Christ was altogether saved from the indignity of the Cross, and as if by a miracle of likeness, someone else of the same features was crucified by the Jews under illusion. Says the Qur’aan:

(Verse 157) “And they (Jews) said, we killed Christ Jesus, the son of Marv, the Apostle of God (in the Knowledge of God. But they killed him not, nor crucified him; but it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts with no (certain) knowledge; but only conjectures to follow, for a surety they killed him not” (Verse 158) “Nay, God raised him up unto Himself, and God is Mighty, Wise.” (Verse 159) “And there is none, of the People of the Book; but must believe in him (Christ), before his death. And on the Day of Judgment, he (Christ) will be a witness.”

(Vide 157 – 159:4)

“The ink of the scholar is more holy than the blood of the martyr.”


– a saying of the Prophet

“Read: In the name of thy Lord, who createth,

Createth man from a clot

Read: And thy Lord is the most bounteous,

Who teacheth by the pen,

Teacheth man that which he knew not.”


“Man can have nothing, but what he strives for.”


Mir Moazam Husain


While the Jews claim to have killed Christ on the cross, it is also a Cardinal point of Faith to the Orthodox Christian Churches, that:

(a) Jesus Christ gave up his life on the cross

(b) he was buried after Crucifixation

(c) on the third day he rose in body with his wounds fresh

(d) he met his disciples


(f) was afterwards taken up bodily to heaven.

In fact, this is the Belief which forms the basis of the theological doctrine of blood sacrifice and Vicarious Atonement for sins, which is, however, losing its force with the Modern Age, an Age of Action and Retribution.

Let us now ponder the passages quoted above (157-159)…

Three points emerge from them:

1. It would appear from (157) that contrary to the belief of Jews and Christians, Jesus Christ was NOT killed on the cross:

2. From (V 158) that Christ was raised up to God


3. From (159) that People of the Book must believe in him till the time of his death.

(I’ll do some more study and research on these points and will let you know my findings).

God is indignant if Christ is believed to be God himself

(Vide 19:5, 75-78:5. He is only an apostle, like several others.

It is to be accepted that Islam is the Religion of Truth, and Muhammad is the Apostle of God, says the ‘Qur’aan’ (Vide 171:4, 30-34:9, 27, 28:57,113:5)

Finally, the Oneness of God is the bedrock of Islam, called ‘Tauheed’ or Monotheism, and the reverse called ‘Shirk’ or Polytheism is the greatest sin never to be forgiven. (Vide 48.116:4, 119-121:5)


After all this research into the Qur’aan, I have found that there are so many common eternal truths in both the Bible (both Old and New Testaments, as well as the Qur’aan). My own faith in Jesus, who he was (and IS), his mission and what he stood for is undimmed; yet now His stature in my heart and my personal faith in Him is even stronger. I find that I hold Him even higher in my “own little heart and in my spirit”, in spite of “minor” controversies regarding his death, the discrepancies between Islam and Christianity, which are turned into a mountain by so many adherants of both great religions. My personal faith is greatly enhanced as I learn that the Spirit of Christ shines throughout the Qu’raan too… and so into the hearts and minds of many many Muslims.

The Basic Books of All the Major Religions of the World claim authority, truths (eternal) in all spheres of human life. Exclusive?? A final word…simply let each One speak for themselves…and stand on it‘s own merits. Then, after comparative study and contemplation, each one of us has the freedom to believe what we want to, to choose to find and follow our own truths (God‘s, Allah‘s greatest gift to us). And this is perhaps the only way to settle the future of religion…

for all mankind.

May the Grace of our loving Creator care for and watch over you all… Always

Shared by craig

“There is neither east nor west, tribe nor ethnicity, male or female, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist. Christian nor Jew. There is only a God-filled humanity.”


About the submitter:
In his various writings, little by little, one mind, one heart, one soul at a time, Craig strives to break down and economic, social, cultural and religious barriers. Craig believes that whilst we should celebrate our differences, what we share in the form of our common humanity is way more important than what divides us.



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